High-thickness hereditary chart framework within the maize full-sib family members

High-thickness hereditary chart framework within the maize full-sib family members

To own training intraspecific adaptation from recombination price in the maize, we created a few half-sib boards, you to to possess Drop and another for Flint inbred traces. Reduction and you may Flint are a couple of maize gene pools which can be crucial getting hybrid reproduction during the Europe . The two half-sib boards made-up a maximum of twenty-four full-sib household. The new Drop panel constitutes 10 crosses off a main Dent inbred line (F353) that have diverse Damage originator inbreds of the Western european Drop gene pool which were developed in Europe and The united states. Regarding the Flint panel a central Flint inbred line (UH007) is crossed so you’re able to 11 naturally varied Flint originator inbreds of the Western european Flint reproduction situation. The fresh new Flint creator outlines result from early maize introductions in order to Spain as well as off so-entitled Northern Flints of France and Germany. At exactly the same time, two mutual crosses among them main Damage and you can Flint contours was basically reviewed and also in for each panel one to mix on All of us Reduction line B73 is incorporated because a connection to the united states nested connection mapping (NAM) inhabitants .

Here, we report on the analysis of the variation of recombination rate in 23 populations of maize using SNPs from the MaizeSNP50 BeadChip . All populations consist of doubled haploid (DH) lines obtained by in vivo haploid induction . DH lines produced with this method reflect female meiosis. Unlike F2 or RILs, DH lines have the great advantage that the genetic information of each gamete is directly observed. Our objectives ukraine date seznamovací web were to analyze intraspecific variation for (1) GWRR and chromosome-wide recombination rate, (2) recombination landscape along chromosomes, and (3) CO interference, using high-density genetic linkage maps. We found significant differences of GWRR between individual populations as well as between Dent ? Dent versus Flint ? Flint populations, but not between the Dent and Flint gene pools in general. GWRR was not correlated with the genetic structure of the lines as inferred from admixture analysis. We analyzed the recombination landscapes in all populations and found significant differences between individual populations and between pools. Finally, we characterized quantitatively the interfering and non-interfering CO formation pathways and found a negative correlation over all chromosomes between interference intensity of pathway P1 and GWRR.

Overall performance

We constructed two half-sib panels comprising a total of 24 maize full-sib families of DH lines for the analysis of intraspecific variation of recombination rates. The full-sib families within the two panels represent the diversity of important founder lines of the European Dent and Flint germplasm, respectively (Table 1; Additional file 1). In the Dent panel (prefix CFD), all full-sib families have the same common parental line F353 which was crossed to diverse Dent founder lines. The common parent of the Flint full-sib families (prefix CFF) is line UH007, which was crossed to diverse Flint founder lines. 1 plants for in vivo haploid induction, so our maps reflect only female meioses. Details on the diversity analysis of the parental lines are given in Additional file 2.

In most crosses, the fresh new haploid inducer line was utilized just like the men mother whenever crossed towards the F

As the an initial step in the research of recombination, individual hereditary charts were built to own 23 out of the twenty-four communities and each of ten chromosomes. Chart statistics are provided during the Dining table step 1 with more facts during the Even more file 3, while the over selection of marker ranking throughout maps having the fresh new raw segregation data is given inside A lot more file 4. Overall, 39,439 SNPs of one’s MaizeSNP50 number was mapped within the on least you to population. Over all populations, as much as 33,884 COs was found in 2,233 women meioses and you may, typically, eleven,988 SNPs was basically mapped in a single considering inhabitants. An average to have Reduction ? Damage communities (every CFD but CFD01) was 13,247 markers mapped and Flint ? Flint populations (the CFF but CFF01 and you will CFF02) an average was 9,874. Having inhabitants CFF05, which comprised merely 34 DHs, zero secure chart could well be gotten. The complete length of hereditary maps varied from,180 centiMorgan (cM) in people CFD05 to just one,893 cM during the CFF03 with a mean of just one,508 ± 185 cM (suggest ± simple deviation). An average genetic map length from the 10 Reduction ? Reduction populations (CFD02 so you can CFD12) try step one,353 ± 99 cM, as 11 hereditary maps out of Flint ? Flint populations (CFF03 to CFF15) was indeed, typically, offered from the 1,645 ± 154 cM. The three maps from crosses between Damage and you may Flint parents (CFD01, CFF01, CFF02) got an intermediate mediocre amount of step 1,570 ± 85 cM. The largest gap within the a hereditary chart try 53.seven cM towards the long arm out of chromosome 7 (7L) within the populace CFF13, in which no SNPs have been polymorphic between the moms and dads, probably because of name-by-lineage (IBD). Facts about genome-broad range and IBD markets ranging from mothers of the mapping populations have been in Most document 2. Synteny and you will colinearity of genetic charts is weighed against the fresh new B73 AGPv2 genome set-up. In general, a high agreement was discovered, showing new highest feel from marker buy around the communities, with partners exceptions just like the revealed for the More file 2.

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